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Spread The Know Security NewsWelcome to Spread The Know.com ! We are a team of motivated individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and industries that are here to provide you with your latest news in security both for home but mainly concentrating on the business sector. Many people don’t appreciate the amount of work that goes into ensuring the security at a business is high.

How things like lanyards and visitor systems help your home and business security

With an ever changing world and economy it has created new challenges for businesses. In the past the main thing people had to be aware of was that the premises was always secure. This involved using different security systems that would help manage who would be allowed in certain areas of the building. Products that are used in such systems are things like lanyards, ID card printers, id badges, visitor management systems and access control technology. These are still some of the leading things to consider when you are looking to improve the on site security of your business. Systems like these not only keep those not allowed on your business off your site but also provide very useful in situations in regards to safety. For example when running fire reports etc. Improving the overall security can help your business across the board.

Time to think about online…

The way in which the economy is moving has meant that there is a need to incorporate security even with a businesses online assets. Some companies can hold sensitive data at times on a online assets this leads to forms of hacks. Really the encouragement is to never store any data that could be seemed as valuable outside of your business, the key to security as always is to try and stay on top of all your systems ensuring they are up to date and safe. Using a combination of both on and offline systems can help you in this matter as you are able to be constantly reminded of the what is in place and will be working with it daily. More and more companies are making the correct move towards a visitor management system that his hosted online and easy accessible. These companies need to take it to the next level and use systems that incorporate staff ID cards and lanyards to ensure that system is as safe as possible. Think about the situations that a visitor system would be used for. It is used to monitor who is on site at all times. Now what good is that if you can not clearly see who is a staff and who is a visitor? I am sure you can see my point here. Where as when you combine the clever technology along with these proven strategies of using offline methods like lanyards and ID/Visitor cards it really improves the security of your business to a great level.

You may be thinking this could be costly…

Well surprisingly it really isn’t. There are now fantastic visitor management systems that can really only cost you a small monthly fee that can ensure your business is safe. There are more sophisticated systems that can connect to a number of different databases, but many of these online systems are perfect for thousands of businesses. You can then get high quality products such as lanyards and card holders and card printers from a number of different places online. You can find some great deals by searching around on google to find some great prices. We also highly recommend that you check the reviews of the website you purchase from. We have worked closely with a number of different businesses over the years. One is Lesar UK. The offer a full range of identification products and have always managed to be able to get the right systems and product in place for me at which ever company I moved too. For this reason I have regularly used Lesar for a number of identification products.

Stuart Kennedy

Stuart Kennedy

Product Developer at SpreadTheKnow
Stuart has been working in the security and identification industry for a number of different years and is regularly consultant by businesses interested in Lanyards, Visitor Systems and all things identity related.
Stuart Kennedy

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