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about usSpread The Know! We are a company with a sole purpose to try and help companies of all sizes to improve there security around there workplace. This leads to greater control of staff and customer records. All companies no matter the size aim to please there customers. Part of this process of looking after customers is the importance of security.

Customer security can come in many forms and here at Spread the Know we aim to give you the leading information on things like lanyards, Visitor Management systems, Access Control, and ID card printers. We aim to be different by being able to offer information that is solely based on our first hand experience. This means that whether we offer information on lanyards or id printers that this information will be based on us actually using the system and products we talk about.

At Spread The Know we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. People that like us work in the industry as consultants and can offer no bias help and information based off there own experience. If you feel this is something you would like to do then please feel free to contact us via joinus@spreadtheknow.com

Stuart Kennedy

Stuart Kennedy

Product Developer at SpreadTheKnow
Stuart has been working in the security and identification industry for a number of different years and is regularly consultant by businesses interested in Lanyards, Visitor Systems and all things identity related.
Stuart Kennedy

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